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Welcome to the free legal information section of Oklahoma criminal attorney Kevin Adams. Feel free to explore this section. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams has years of experience and has had almost forty (40) jury trials and over thirteen (15) years of legal experience. The information below is designed to help people that are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and are trying to figure out the best course of action to take. The information on this page was written by Kevin Adams himself.

Analyzing Criminal Cases

Analyzing Criminal Cases

Ever wondered why criminal lawyers give the advice they give? This page explains the though process that good criminal lawyers will go through in analyzing criminal cases.

Legal Video Library

This page contains legal videos explaining the criminal justice system.

Oklahoma Criminal Law Guide

The Oklahoma Criminal Law Guide was written to provide legal information to individuals accused of felonies and misdemeanors in Oklahoma state court. The guide also provides information on various legal terms used in criminal justice system, by clicking on those links that term will be explained to you with references to statutes and case law where appropriate.

Information Specific Oklahoma Criminal Offenses

This page includes legal information for those charged in Oklahoma with Embezzlement, DUI, DWI, APC, Domestic Assault and Battery, Assault Offenses (Assault and Battery, Aggravated Assault, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon), Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Lewd Molestation, and Murder. This page provides information specific to those charged with Oklahoma state offense in and around Tulsa County.


Information about the Oklahoma Expungement process for the sealing of Oklahoma state criminal arrest and convictions.

Information for those Accused of Homicide in Oklahoma (1st and 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter)

This page is designed to help those suspected or charged with any form of homicide in Oklahoma. If you or a loved one is facing the prospect of homicide charges, do yourself a favor, and read this information. The page is written or those charged with murder in Oklahoma state court, but much of the information would be helpful for people charged in other jurisdictions.

Download a PDF Pamphlet for those accused of Homicide in Oklahoma

This link above provides a link to a PDF pamphlet that provides information for those charged with Homicide in one of the Oklahoma county courts.

Download a PDF Pamphlet for those accused of Drug Offenses in Oklahoma

This link above provides a link to a PDF pamphlet that provides information for those charged with Drug Offenses in one of the Oklahoma county courts.

Fighting Your Case After Direct Appeal in Oklahoma (Download a PDF Brochure)

This pamphlet provides information for those convicted in Oklahoma state court that wish to continue to appeal their case after losing their direct appeal in the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Information on Direct Appeal, Judicial Reviews and Post Conviction Relief in Oklahoma (Download a PDF Pamphlet)

This pamphlet provides information for those convicted in Oklahoma state court that wish to appeal their conviction on either direct appeal or through the post conviction relief process. This pamphlet also includes information on judicial reviews.

Overview of Oklahoma State Criminal Process

This page provides an overview of the Oklahoma criminal process. The information provided is written with references to Tulsa County, however the information is applicable to other county courts across the state. (The basic structure for the criminal process is created by Oklahoma statute. However, every county has slight variations on their process.)

Selected Oklahoma Criminal Statutes

This page provides the statutory language for some common Oklahoma Criminal Statutes.

Oklahoma Bail Bonds

This page provides information about the Oklahoma bail bonds process. Included is contact information for the Tulsa county jail, Rogers county jail, Osage county jail, Okmulgee county jail and the Creek county jail, and the Oklahoma county jail.

Oklahoma State Felony Process

This page provides information about the Oklahoma felony process.

Oklahoma State Misdemeanor Process

This page provides information about the Oklahoma misdemeanor process.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Oklahoma Criminal law

This page provides questions and answers to commonly asked questions regarding Oklahoma criminal law.

10 Things Everyone Suspected of a Crime Should Know

This page provides information that everyone suspected of a crime should know. This information is applicable to those suspected of crimes in Oklahoma and other states.

Oklahoma Post Conviction Relief Process and Federal Habeas Corpus Process

This page contains information for state inmates who have lost their direct appeal to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and seek to challenge their convictions using the federal habeas corpus process.

Oklahoma Criminal Direct Appeals and Judicial Reviews

This page provides information on the Oklahoma direct appeal process for criminal cases and the judicial review process for felony convictions in Oklahoma.

A Basic Understanding Of The Civil Rights Of Prisoners

This page provides a basic understanding of the civil rights of prisoners. This information is applicable to inmates in state and federal prisons across the country.

Oklahoma Constitution

This page contains selected passages from the Oklahoma Constitution.

Criminal Motions Brief Bank

This page contains links to criminal motions for Oklahoma criminal cases and federal criminal cases.

Winning Criminal Defense Opinions and Briefs

This page contains winning criminal appellate opinions and the briefs that won those appeals.


Information about the Oklahoma pardon process.

Tips for Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

This page contains tips for hiring a criminal lawyer in Oklahoma.

Tulsa County Search Warrants Data Base

This page contains links to hundreds of search warrants filed in Tulsa County.

How to Laugh Your Way to an Acquittal

This page was written by criminal lawyer Kevin Adams when for a CLE that he gave on how to give a closing argument in criminal cases.

The Needle

This document was written by Oklahoma criminal lawyer Kevin Adams and gives information about how to try a criminal case to a jury.

Prison Survival Guide

This page contains information written by a Gordon Greer a friend of Mr. Adams. Mr. Greer served 7 years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. After his release Mr. Greer went to school eventually obtaining his Masters degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. Gordon passed away in 2013 from a heart attack. This pamphlet is survival guide for those facing imprisonment.

A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual: Chapter 13 Federal Habeas Corpus

Written by Columbia Human Rights Law Review this PDF is a great resource for those inmates who are trying to challenge their conviction on their own.

Brief Concerning the Drug Dealer Liability Act

A brief concerning Oklahoma's drug dealer liability act.

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