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What should I do if I am questioned by the police?

If there is any indication that you might be suspected of a crime do not give a statement and insist on having a lawyer present before you answer any questions. The request should be clear and unmistakable. Be polite but be firm. " I want to talk with a lawyer before I will answer any questions." Do not ask the police if you need a lawyer. They will tell you that you do not. They will try to talk you out of requesting a lawyer. Asking if you need a lawyer is not good enough. You must tell the police in a clear and unmistakable way that you will not answer any questions without having a lawyer present. Do not sign any waivers and stop talking. The police may be very nice to you, this does not mean they are your friends or are trying to help you. You should be polite, but you must be firm. Insist on speaking with a lawyer. Insist on having a lawyer present before you answer any questions. A lawyer will be able to help you deal with the police. A lawyer can tell you whether you are at risk of being charged with a crime. Preferably you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer.

How Much will it cost to get a friend or loved one out of jail?

When someone is arrested, unless they are being held without bond, a bond will be set. In order to get someone out of jail you will need to either post the entire bond, pay a bondsman to post the bond for you, or post a property bond. With bonds over $1,000 most bondsmen charge 10% of the total bond. If it is a $10,000 bond you would be required to pay the bondsman $1,000 to get out. You do not get that money back.

If you can afford to post the entire amount of the bond than you get that money back as long as that person shows for court. You may also qualify for a property bond. A property bond is a bond secured with property instead of money or a bondsman. You can contact my office for more details.


How can I get someone out of jail with out paying a bondsman?

Most people do not know that in many situations that you can place a real property bond to get someone out of jail instead of paying a bondsman. You most own real property and you must put it at risk of losing that property if the person you make the property bond for leaves. But you do not have to pay a bondsman to get out of jail. This may save you thousands of dollars. Contact me or your local County Court Clerk's office for more details.


How can I find out my new court date or if charges have been filed against me?

If you have forgotten your court date or if you want to know whether charges have been filed against an individual you can call the Court Clerk's office of the County or City court where the case is pending or you think it may have been file and they can give you your new date or tell you if charges have been filed. You may also be able to find out your new court date or if charges have been filed by searching Court Dockets on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network .


How can I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?

You can call the law enforcement agency that you think may have a warrant out for your arrest and they will be able to tell you. You may also be able to find out on-line by going to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network, Oklahoma District Court Records, or if the warrant was issued by the City of Tulsa you can go to the Tulsa Police Website.


Do I have to allow the police to search my home or vehicle?

It depends. If the police have a warrant you have to allow them to search your home or vehicle. However, you do not have to consent to the search of your home or vehicle. If the police ask you if they can search your home or vehicle simply tell them no, be polite but firm. If the police insist on searching your home or vehicle without your consent do not use physical force to prevent them, simply voice your disapproval and stand aside and let them search.

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