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Tulsa County Criminal Law Guide

The basic criminal procedure for both felonies and misdemeanors in Oklahoma is the same in every county in the state. Oklahoma criminal procedure is codified in Title 22 of the Oklahoma statutes. However, each county does things a little differently, either by custom or court rule. I created this page to explain how the criminal procedure process operates in Tulsa County. Learn the Oklahoma State Felony Process and the Misdemeanor Process in Tulsa County

Overview of State Criminal Process in Tulsa County

The Tulsa County District Attorney's office has primary responsibility for prosecuting violations of Oklahoma criminal law in Tulsa County. In 2016 the Tulsa County District Attorney's office filed over 7,000 felony cases and over 6,000 misdemeanor cases. Many of the felony and misdemeanor cases charged multiple defendants and alleged multiple counts.

Because of the large numbers of criminal cases that go through the Tulsa County criminal justice system cases are handled differently than they are handled in smaller counties. Prosecutors in Tulsa County are generally swamped and do not have as much time to look at cases as prosecutors in smaller counties do.

Tulsa County Criminal Rules

Each Judicial District has its own criminal rules that involve issues such as Criminal Bond Indexes, Initial Arraignmnet Court Dates, Pretrial Release Programs, Failure to Appear or Pay, and many other issues. Tulsa County is in the Fourteenth Judicial District which includes Tulsa and Pawnee Counties. Download a copy of the Tulsa County Criminal Rules.

Tulsa County Bond Index

In accordance with th eLocal Tulsa County Rule CR 1.A. the Tulsa County judges have prepaed a "Criminal and Traffic Bond Index" to speed up the release of people arrested at the Tulsa County Jail. The way that it works is that if a defendant is arrested on a charge and the charge has a pre-set bond, the bond will be automatically set at the Tulsa County Jail. Download the Tulsa County Bond Index or view the Tulsa County Bond Index Displayed Online.

The flow of criminal cases at the Tulsa County Courthouse

Every county has a different way that criminal cases flow through the courthouse. Learning the flow of a courthouse can make life much easier, learn the Tulsa County courthouse criminal Case flow.

Tulsa County Felony Judges

Tulsa County has six (6) District Judges that handle nothing but felony cases. The six felony judges handle one of the felony dockets; CF A Docket, CF B Docket, CF C Docket, CF D Docket. CF E Docket and CF F Docket. Tulsa County's practice of assaigning felony cases to a "CF A, B , C , D , E or F Docket" is unusual. Tulsa County is the only county in the state that uses a practice such as this. Tulsa County adopted this sytem a number of years ago to make it easier to transition a felony docket when a new district judge took it over.

Felony cases are randomly assigned to one of the six (6) felony dockets listed above. The district judge assigned to handle a defendant's case is the district judge assigned to that docket. If a defendant has a lower case number and picks up a new case, that case will be reassigned to the judge that has the lower case number. There is an exception to this rule, if a defendant's new case has co-defendants the case will not be reassigned.

Misdemeanor cases and felony cases assigned to the "FDV" or "Family Domestic Docket" will be handled by the judges assigned to those dockets

All of the felony court judges are located on either the fourth (4th) floor or the fifth (5th) floor of the Tulsa county courthouse, with the fourth (4th) floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse is entirely dedicated to handling felony cases at the district court level.

Click here for a list of the the Tulsa County Felony Judges, their dockets, courtrooms and staff

Tulsa County Court Forms

This page contains the criminal law forms used by the Tulsa County court system.

Finding Your Way Around

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Finding your way around the Tulsa County Courthouse

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