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Tulsa felony defense attorney Kevin Adams provides experienced criminal defense lawyer services.

If you or a loved one are facing a felony conviction, Tulsa criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams is dedicated to your felony defense by providing expert criminal defense representation. Felonies can range from crimes such as perjury, check fraud, copyright infringement, or felony drug offense to violent crimes such as assault, robbery, rape, and murder. Because of the severity of a felony, sentencing for convicted felons is much more severe than other crimes. In addition to typically being required to serve out prison sentences, having a felony conviction on your record greatly decreases your ability to gain employment, excludes you from being able to acquire certain licenses, bans your possession of firearms, and the inability to take part in the political process by voting. Even after any sentence is served to its completion, once someone is a convicted felon, they typically remain a convicted felon according to their record indefinitely. When your future and reputation are at stake, seek the services of Tulsa criminal defense lawyer Kevin Adams. Attorney Kevin Adams stands out amongst felony lawyers by his accomplishments for his clients in felony cases. When the only thing standing between you and your future is an experienced criminal defense, look no further than the expertise of felony defense attorney Kevin Adams. Criminal defense lawyer Kevin Adams is pleased to be able to serve clients in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, and Glenpool, OK to achieve the best results in their felony court cases.

Criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams brings expert felony defense to Oklahoma.

An expert in criminal law, experienced criminal defense lawyer Kevin Adams is dedicated to providing legal counsel in the event you are charged with a felony. From felony vandalism to first-degree murder, any person charged with any felony deserves professional legal counsel and that's exactly what they receive with experienced criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams. With experience in cases ranging from felony embezzlement to bank robbery as well as cases that requireFederal criminal defense, Kevin Adams has been representing clients facing many different types of felony charges for years. Even with charges as vastly different, such as cheque fraud to murder in the first degree, a felony conviction can result in mandatory prison time as well as a long-lasting blemish on one's record. Tulsa criminal lawyer Kevin Adams brings experience to the table for all of those facing felony charges in Tulsa County, Rogers County, Okmulgee County, Washinton County and every other county in Oklahoma.

For detailed information on the felony process read An Overview of the Oklahoma Felony Criminal Process.

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Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer: Kevin D. Adams

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