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Tulsa Federal criminal defense lawyer Kevin Adams is ready to represent you in Federal court.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams is not only experienced in handling matters of local and state law, but is also accomplished in providing Federal criminal defense to those who have been charged with committing a Federal crime. Because the punishment for committing a Federal offense is typically much more severe than a non-Federal crime, it is especially important that you or a loved one charged with committing a Federal crime receive the highest caliber criminal defense available. With many different Federal crime convictions resulting in substantial mandatory prison sentencing along with having a Federal conviction on one's record, it is absolutely crucial that you seek the expertise of an accomplished Federal criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams has experience in Federal court and knows what it takes to properly represent you throughout every stage of the process - from arrest to possible conviction and appeal. For professional representation in Federal court, look no further than the Federal criminal defense attorney Kevin Adams.

Have Tulsa Federal criminal law expert Kevin Adams in your corner when you go to court.

When it comes to Federal criminal law, because the offenses are more severe, so are the sentences one can receive. Many Federal criminal law convictions can land people mandatory prison time with minimum sentences ranging anywhere from 5 to 10 years behind bars or longer. Even following that, a Federal conviction can easily destroy one's record when it comes to finding new employment, decrease the likelihood of obtaining grants, scholarships, and other methods of financial aid for college, or the candidacy for certain roles and offices within society. From providing representation for felonies, Federal drug offenses, or murder convictions, criminal defense lawyer Kevin Adams is experienced in protecting his client's rights in order to help them beat Federal charges and get on with their lives. Mr. Adams represents defendants charged with federal felonies in the Northern District of Oklahoma, Eastern District of Oklahoma, Western District of Oklahoma and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Federal criminal attorney is pleased to bring Tulsa, Glenpool, Owasso, and Broken Arrow, OK with professional legal representation and counsel when you need it most.

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Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer: Kevin D. Adams

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