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Tulsa County Criminal Law Forms

Every county courthouses use different forms. Even the standard "Form 13.10 Uniform Plea of Guilty-Summary of Facts" form that is mandated by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to be used in all felonies and predicate misdemeanors pleas will have small variations from county to county. Additionally, each county drafts their own forms for payment of fines and costs, DA Supervision, Waiver of Preliminary Hearing Etc.

Listed below are links to the Tulsa County forms and a brief explination of when they are used. These are just examples provided so that attorney's and defendants can see the forms Tulsa County uses. DO NOT PRINT THESE FORMS OUT AND TRY TO USE THEM IN COURT. Forms are frequently modified and many of these forms are in triplicate. You should always get the current form from the court.

Criminal Law Forms Used at the Tulsa County Courthouse

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