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Suspended Sentences in Oklahoma Criminal Law

A suspended sentence means the defendant is found guilty and is a convicted of the crime they were charged with. If they are charged with a felon a suspended sentence means they will be a "convicted felon". With a suspended sentence a defendant is sentenced to county jail or prison then the sentence is suspended upon the defendant complies with the rules and conditions of probation. As long as the defendant does what they are supposed to do the sentence will remain suspended and they will not go to jail or prison.

Sometimes when a judge sentences someone on a suspended sentence defendants freak out because of the way the judge prounces the sentence. For example a judge may say "I sentence the defendant to a year in the Tulsa County Jail and I 'Suspend' the sentence upon the Defendant's go behavior." If you are about to receive a suspended sentence don't freak out if this happens to you. What is important is that the judge is suspending the sentence.

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